CS685 Computer Graphics

Assignment 2 : Ray Tracing

The purpose of this assignment is to learn some of the intricacies involved in using a raytracer. Here I have used POV-Ray - Persistence of Vision Raytracer. So, it entailed studying and implementing various features of POV-Ray which are :-
The following image has been rendered using the following command on prekshu.pov (No animation).

povray +A0.10 +W800 +H600 prekshu.pov

The following animation has been achieved using the following command on prekshu.pov.

povray +A0.10 +W800 +H600 +kff40 +kf2 +kc prekshu.pov

Resources used:

There is a lot of material available on the web. However, the best place to go to learn POV-Ray from scratch would be http://www.povray.org/documentation. There are many other websites which display amazing creations. Some of them are mentioned below.
  1. PovRay Lights Tutorial
  2. PovRay Animation • Link 1Link 2
  3. Rune's Particle System to create fire
  4. Images used in Paintings
  5. Other interesting links on del.icio.us/prekshu
Image files used to create the paintings using image maps:

Alien Palms
Palm Sunset