Hi, I am Prekshu Ajmera, currently a 5th year dual degree student of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay. I was born in Bhilwara, Rajasthan on 30th Oct 1984.

I did my junior schooling at St. Paul's & Central Academy. Rahul, Nitin, Neha, Megha, Payal, Dilip were some of my cool friends there. And then the next 4 years of secondary & senior secondary schooling at St. Anslem's where I spent the most memorable time of my life and had some great friends (Abhinav, Jaicky, Anish, Chirag, Vivek, Ritesh to name a few).

I did my coaching for IIT-JEE preparation at Resonance, Kota ... cool place for JEE preparation. I can't forget Verma Sir, Lokesh Sir, Rao Sir, Vivek sir who has been my consant source of inspiration and my friendly neighbours Anshu Jain, Kapil bhaiya and Manish who always helped & cared for me.

Friends occupy a very special place in my heart, and they mean a lot to me. Hmm.. girlfriend? Guess!? ;-) I have been fortunate enough to have some really good friends at IITB too, Mohit Soni(compygiri mei to inka jawaab nahi), Ankur Gupta(kool dude), Sanchit(gandhi baba), Paras(I'm the only one who listen to his heartly feelings), Bharat Raj Agarwal(BRA, as we call him), Vipul(gulty..yeh inka birth certi cheekh cheekh ke kehta hai), Abhimanyu(Counter Strike inki zindagi hai), Aman(the great runner and lover boy), Bheem(my Roll beta).

My grandpa is a chemist by profession but music is his life. His urge of learning new things each 'n' every second even at the age of 72 makes me his biggest fan. He has won "Sangeet Ratna", "Sangeet Bharti" and many more... I'm fond of his letters. He is the only one to do so. Infact, I can't describe him ... My grandma, the only person in my family who talk to me the most even when I'm here in IIT.

My papa is a chemist and my mum is a teacher(crafts, painting, cooking, stitching, maths hhuu...) along with being the perfect home maker. The whole credit for myself being in IIT goes to them.

And now something about the most important people in my life...

I have three younger sisters Veena, Mitali(gudda), Sargam(guddi) & two bros Ilu(Prasuk), Sinu(Siddhartha).

Veena is a Limca Book of World Records holder, National Award winner, Bhartiya Jain Gaurav, UNESCO federation award winner etc etc etc. She has achieved all this for her BHAWAI DANCE on glass pieces, water glasses, nails with 101 pots on her head. hhhuuuu .. I hope that she'll soon become a Guinness Book of World Records holder.
Ilu, the Boss of the children of our colony.. Sabse sweet aur haan sabse badmaash. Swimming is his passion.
Sinu, great at singing and acads.
Gudda, she is shy but a great fighter(inse sab darte hai..).
Sargam, a charming, cute gal.

My hobbies include miniature painting & art work specially the traditional ones (phad, banithani, pichwai) and miniscule writing on rice. I can write a max of 150 letters on a single rice seed with 40 letters in just one minute. My other hobbies include hanging out with friends, listening to music. Worth mentioning here, I am a hardcore Linux fan. So, compy pe timepass kabhi bhi, kahin bhi...
Things that I wish to learn as far as painting & art are concerned include madhubani paintings, sand animation & clay work.


What does it mean ?

Okay.. lastly, in case you are wondering what my name means, I just want to say 'chand' and no comments are invited in this regard :D Actually, I don't know who gave my mom the idea for this name. My original name just before I joined St. Paul's School was Jai Prakash :D

Well, that was all about me...